Crime reporter

Vlado Taneski’s dedication to getting the facts right, may get him a long prison sentence. From the BBC

Police in Macedonia have arrested a journalist on suspicion that he is behind three murders he reported on.

The journalist, Vlado Taneski, is accused of raping, torturing and killing three elderly women in the south-western town of Kicevo.

Macedonian police began to suspect him after he included details in his reports that they had not made public.

Other men have reportedly already been convicted of the first two murders. The third was committed last month.

Mr Taneski, 56, has not yet been charged with any offence, police said.

They allege that he kidnapped and abused the women before cutting them into pieces and dumping them in plastic bags.

Are the police saying they arrested and prosecuted the wrong persons or that Taneski was an accomplice.

Taneski’s superior at the newspaper was shocked.

Mr Taneski’s editor at the Utrinski Vesnik newspaper told the Associated Press: “We are all shocked with this. I know him as an exceptionally quiet man and I would never believe that he is capable of doing something like that.”

Vesnik may have assumed Taneski had a good source for his facts. The man hasn’t been arrested yet.

Don Surber writes

My question is why he report on his own crimes? Could he not figure out that he might include details that might track the crime back to him?

Despite 100 years of romanticizing criminals in movies and on TV, they are pretty stupid people.

I love to watch old crime shows. Just recently I purchased season 4 of Hawaii Five 0 on DVD. That show rarely portrayed criminals as romantic figures.(Though you feel sympathetic for the killer in the Season 4 opener, ‘Highest Castle Deepest Grave‘. HCDG is one of Five 0’s classics.) Don must be talking about another show.

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