A Fearless Prediction

I really try to avoid making predictions. I know I’ll usually get them wrong. But I’m going to go out on a limb here, stick my neck out a bit, and make a prediction. I hope I’ll be wrong, but experience has made me a cynic.

Israel and Hamas have reached a truce agreement, and it just went into effect. Here is my prediction:

Within two weeks, there will be at least one major terrorist attack on Israel (or, one foiled) by a group that will go out of its way to distance itself from Hamas. The attack will come from the Gaza Strip, where Hamas holds near-absolute power, but it will deny any and all responsibility for the attack. The world community will urge Israel to “show restraint” and “not perpetuate the cycle of violence” even as it buries its dead. The calls on Hamas to find and punish those who carry out the plot will be far, far quieter (if made at all). Likewise any calls on Hamas to prevent any more such attacks.

Two weeks. By July 3rd. I’m on the record. Mark it on your calendar.

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