Another House Democrat proposes nationalizing the US oil industry

This is the second Democrat who thinks Marxist and tyrannical thug Hugo Chavez has all the right ideas. I know there are people out there who are pointing fingers and screaming “Communists!” as if doing that would scare the Democrats into backtracking, but what they may not realize is that these folks probably don’t have a problem with being called communists because, based upon what they’re calling for, they obviously seem to think communist ideals are the right ones.

Take this video courtesy of Hot Air, for example.


Notice how both New York Congressman Maurice Hinchey and Malia Lazu, the guest on Neil Cavuto’s show, have no qualms about identifying themselves as communists. I mean, take a look at what she said:

Maybe the government’s taking it over because it never should have been private in the first place.

That’s about as communistic as it gets. She described the privatization of the oil industry as a “mistake” that the US government has to correct. She argues that Mexico, Norway, and Venezuela have the right idea and that the US needs to be more like them. When Neil confronted her with our government’s track record of running things, this is how she responded:

I think the government has a good track record of being as responsive as its people expect it to be.

Which is not responsive at all, Ms. Lazu. How does she think gas prices got to where they are right now? Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress sat on their hands for months and did absolutely nothing as the gas prices continued to climb. When they took over Congress in 2006, they criticized President Bush for the high gas prices and said they would bring them down. But they did nothing to provide relief – like a gas tax vacation for the summer – that the American people need badly.

Congressman Hinchey and Ms. Lazu are packaging this nationalization scheme in the same way all communists do: let “the American people” own the oil companies. It’s a complete sham, a lie, and an unbelievably manipulative and condescending one. Like US citizens will actually have any say in how much oil would get refined if the US government were to take over the oil industry. The same ignorant bureaucrats who have driven the Senate restaurants in the ground, who have destroyed America’s public education system, and who have bankrupted social security will be the very same people making the decision about the drilling, refining, and distribution of oil. Rather than give me comfort, it makes me want to stockpile gasoline.

These people are not hiding their communist sympathies any more. They’re out in the open, trying to persuade the American people into believing that communism is the way of the future for America. And with the public education system as it is in this country, they may very well make a lot of progress.

Update: Stop the ACLU is following this as well.

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