Life in Florida III

Some quick stuff from around the state of Florida

The Botox bandit or Pay before we pump– Silly me, I would think plastic surgery patients would pay up front before having their procedures done.

Mourning South Florida style– Pallbearer shoots neighbor in the buttocks.

Read No Evil– Parents in Panama City get book by award winning author banned due to its use of profanity. Now their children can only hear four letter words.

To rob a Predator– Adult Man meets teen at hotel to have sex and gets robbed instead. The girl was 17, will the robbery victim be charged with a crime too?

Life is hard– Miami Herald to lay off 17% of its employees. Maybe the Herald can use a freelance golf writer from time to time.

Time to put on some clothes– Bank Robber arrested one day after a dye pack explodes in his pants. He was still wearing the same pants when apprehended.

No one is perfect?– My favorite golf writer makes a mistake in his coverage of yesterday’s US Open playoff. Tiger Woods didn’t finish 2nd to Mark O’Meara in the 1998 British Open, but third.(Brian Watts lost a playoff to O’Meara) Craig writes for the paper I read daily(The Palm Beach Post) and I can count the mistakes he’s made in 10 years on one hand and have fingers left over. I wish most other golf writers took their profession as seriously as my friend does.

Where trains and no brains collide– Driver tries to beat slow moving freight train and loses. This happened less than a mile from the Catholic Church where Leonita went to mass this morning. We heard the ambulance sirens.

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