HuffPo: McCain mooched off the Vietnamese taxpayers.

Here’s some real classiness from the classiest of liberal blogs, the Huffington Post (emphasis mine):

When John McCain says government is too big, what do these people think he means?

Who are we kidding?

John McCain was in the navy and then he was in the U.S. Senate. He has never cashed a check a bureaucrat didn’t write. I’m not trying to be glib, and I realize he was doing a solemn and dangerous job, killing people from the sky. But it was still government work.

Wait, except for those years as a POW. A sick but undeniable fact about John McCain: The only period in his life when he wasn’t living off the American taxpayer, he was living off the Vietnamese taxpayer.

John McCain’s father was in the navy and his father was in the navy. The last McCain who didn’t live in government housing owned a plantation in Mississippi when the state still had slaves.

Which is why John McCain always sounds so emotional when he gets to this line in his stump speech:

“I am absolutely committed to reducing the size of government.”

What he’s promising is eventually he’ll die.

Oh, by the way, John Glenn’s fine.
So, basically, all in one post this idiot is: smearing and devaluing John McCain’s service as a pilot as “killing people from the sky”; insulting John McCain’s heroic service as a POW, who turned down the opportunity to get released as the son of an admiral, choosing to stay and be tortured for five years, as mooching off the Vietnamese taxpayers as if it was some kind of luxury vacation; smearing McCain and his family as racists who once owned slaves (Is this even true? I guess because’s he’s white, this smear is OK, because then it must be true, because all white American’s ancestors owned slaves, right?) and likewise smearing his family’s military service as mooching off of the government; and then finally, making jokes about McCain dying.

Real classy.

If any conservative said anything even remotely similar to this about the Obamamessiah, they’d be tarred and feathered by the mainstream media. Really, that’s irrelevant. This piece is disgusting filth. If I ran the Huffington Post, the idiot who wrote that would be fired on the spot. (Yes, there is such thing as freedom of speech. But that doesn’t mean everyone else has to agree with your freedom of speech, and as a privately owned blog, Arianna Huffington can censor as much as she wants on the HuffPo, just like I can censor whatever I want on my blog.)

Anyways, I find it especially rich that a lefty is complaining about someone living off of the government. Even if that is what they consider military service to be, living off of the government (a stupid concept if I’ve ever heard one), why would that bother them? Isn’t that the ultimate liberal goal, to get everyone completely dependent on the government?

Finally, to really show just how depraved not only the author of this post is, but also the entire Huffington Post, be sure to check out the response to this piece. I didn’t read all of the comments, but I didn’t see one that decried this smearing of McCain. It’s interesting that they aren’t willing to attack McCain on policy differences or on the issues. They have to resort to crap like this, usually because they have no other platform to stand on. I may not agree with everything that McCain stands for, but at least the American people know what he stands for, something that they can’t usually say about the Obamamessiah.

This kind of filth is what the left stands for. It’s not particularly the kind of filth I want representing my country.

Hat Tip: Ace

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