He probably just needed a lift

Just another rich story of life in Florida

Police arrested a man who they believe stole a forklift from a construction site and began driving it around town.

Todd Barnes, 44, was charged Wednesday with grand theft, trespassing and driving with a suspended license.

A witness told police a man walked over to a construction site near Bermuda Cay Apartments, entered the driver seat of a forklift and began driving it on Woolbright Road toward Federal Highway.

Police stopped the large green construction vehicle in the 400 block of North Federal Highway and found that Barnes was driving it, according to a report. The construction company said Barnes was not authorized to be on the construction site or to drive the vehicle, the report said.

What the Sun-Sentinel fails to mention is that Barnes was driving the forklift on US 1 in broad daylight. If he wasn’t such an inebriated drunkard, Todd Barnes would have done the theft after sunset.

Criminals stealing heavy machinery and then driving it down a major highway while the sun is up. Don’t you just love the Sunshine State?

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