Man takes advantage of Tim Russert's death to push his agenda

Mike Adams at Natural News has decided to use Tim Russert’s death to sell his agenda and seemingly his books. If you take a look at this website, you’ll see a couple of books written my Mr. Adams clearly displayed on the right hand side.

So what’s the issue? It’s this: before Mr. Russert has even been eulogized and buried, Mr. Adams has published an article in which he blames Mr. Russert’s death on pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Adams doesn’t know anything about Mr. Russert’s medical history or daily eating and exercise habits. Nor does he know anything about his stress levels, yet Mr. Adams acts like he and his lifestyle alone could have single handedly saved Mr. Russert’s life. Not only is this in bad taste, but it’s also sickeningly manipulative.

Mr. Adams’ goal is to sway as many people as possible to adopt his way of living. His argument is that people should eat healthy and exercise, therefore, eliminating any need for pharmaceuticals to control a health issue. On the surface, that sounds completely innocuous, a good idea, in fact. However, eating healthy and exercising alone is not going to solve everyone’s health issues, something Mr. Adams doesn’t acknowledge. Instead, says this:

What happened to Russert is about to happen to America’s medicated population

Sadly, Tim Russert has learned the hard way what four generations of Americans are about to learn: That you cannot medicate yourself to good health, and when you try to do so, you often end up dying from the very medicine you thought was saving your life.

There’s a book Tim Russert needed, and it’s the same book that tens of millions of Americans need right now. It’s called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn. You can read about the book at his website,

This book, simply stated, teaches you how to reverse heart disease by changing what you eat. Change your diet, and heart disease vanishes, blood flow is restored, and the build-up of arterial plaque begins to fade away. It is absolutely true that through changes in diet and exercise, a person can make themselves heart attack proof.

That’s a terrible over generalization and over simplification of a very complex health issue. Take my parents for example. They are both 64 years old and in excellent health. They both exercise every day. My dad runs on his treadmill for about a half an hour every morning. My mom runs/walks 2.5 miles every day, rain, snow, or sun. They also eat very healthy: lean meats, low fat, low glycemic index carbs, lots of fruits and vegetables, and plenty of protein, like fish. And they take a variety of vitamins that are good for them: vitamins, minerals, garlic, omega 3 fatty acids, 81 mg aspirin and other things, every single day. And they’ve been living this way for years. From the time I was in grade school (think the 1970’s), I was drinking skim milk and eating low sugar foods, long before it was popular to do so. Kid favorites like Hostess, Little Debbie, and other high carb, high fat sweets were banned from my house.

But that has not made my parents heart attack proof. They both are on Lipitor because, in spite of their excellent eating habits and daily exercise, they both have high cholesterol. Why?

It’s genetic.

So Mr. Adams’ argument does not apply to my parents, and I’m quite certain that there are plenty of other people just like my parents out there as well.

Now, maybe I’m over reacting here and Mr. Adams is just trying to save people’s lives, but his tone sounds too snake oil salesmanesque for my taste. Instead of simply providing unbiased information on diet and exercise to educate his readers, Mr. Adams is arguing that living his way will make you heart attack proof, which is simply not possible. He’s using Tim Russert’s death to advance his agenda. That’s in very bad form, Mr. Adams.

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