The Gaffemeister has another "whoopsie!"; admits he likes higher gas prices.

Incredible, isn’t it, that the more gaffes the Obamamessiah makes, the tighter the mainstream media and his rabid supporters cling to him.

The Obamamessiah admitted on national television that he actually likes the idea of higher gas prices, thankyouverymuch, and that the only reason this is presenting a problem for the American people is because they went up so quickly. If they went up gradually, it wouldn’t be a strain on the American pocketbook, and everything would be hunky dory.

Yes, he really said it.

Maybe in the Obamamessiah’s communist paradise, paying $7.00 a gallon could be considered a good thing. The rest of us who aren’t multimillionaires, Ivy-league educated, arugula munching elitists can’t afford that, no matter how slowly you may adjust the prices.

And for those liberal trolls who are going to immediately go into BDS mode after reading this, screaming about the war for oil, and McHitlerBurton, and all the same tired crap that you always spout anytime Iraq, the Middle East, oil, gas prices, global warming, money, or whatever else that gets mentioned that you find some ridiculous way to tie to BushHitler? Before you start sputtering in indignant rage, feeling triumphant that you’ve finally, finally got us KKKonservatives, save your breath. No one cares. You’ve played that card so often that it’s old and tired and worn out. Don’t even bother. I already know that’s exactly what you will do. That’s how stupidly transparent you are. So seriously, don’t even mention it. (Five bucks says that they still will. Just wait.)

Anyways, Mitch McConnell promptly ripped Obama a new one. Watch:

Perhaps, as McConnell points out, this is why Democrats simply refuse to act on these outrageous gas prices. They love it! Dems seem to think that the best way to help out the little people, those cute little blue-collar workers they condescendingly claim to fight for, is to raise taxes on them over and over and over again, while bloating the government with pointless bureaucracy. With oil prices skyrocketing, Democrats are seeing another opportunity to impose even more bureaucracy.

Exit question: what is it with the word “change” being prominently displayed in the background of seemingly every Obama video that I watch? I know that’s his meme and all, but seriously — will that continue even if he’s President? As he’s screwing the country into oblivion, we’ll be reminded over and over again that it’s change, to bring us hope, and that the government is doing all these things for our own good. Maybe seeing those words makes liberals feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but not me. Every time I hear Barack Obama talk about how much he’s going to change this country, I worry a little more.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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