One of the standard talking points from the opponents of the War on Terror is to mock some of the things we proponents believe in and state. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard, in a condescending tone, “the terrorists hate us because they hate our freedoms.”

I freely admit it sounds pretty shallow and stupid. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

I would like to challenge anyone to find an alternative explanation for this news story.

A six-member delegation from the government of Pakistan is going to the European Union and telling them that they need to curtail their citizens’ right to free speech and give special protection to Islam, exempting it from criticism (I’m sorry, “hate speech”). And if Europe doesn’t agree to cave in and be good little dhimmis and recognize that Islamic laws against blasphemy take precedence over fundamental human rights like free speech and free press and other forms of free expression, “bad things” might happen.

Actually, that’s a bit too benign. Lemme try that again, quoting the actual article:

The delegation, headed by an additional secretary of the Interior Ministry, will meet the leaders of the EU countries in a bid to convince them that the recent attack on the Danish Embassy in Pakistan could be a reaction against the blasphemous campaign, sources said.

They said that the delegation would also tell the EU that if such acts against Islam are not controlled, more attacks on the EU diplomatic missions abroad could not be ruled out.

As stupid as it sounds, I’d have to say that “they hate our freedoms” sums up the position here. And they’re not above using violence — and the threats of more violence — to get us to surrender.

Here in the United States, we have some pretty good defenses against that. Not only do we have the First Amendment, we have specific laws that forbid that kind of extortion. They have been mostly used against the Mafia, but I really don’t see too many distinctions here. It’s still a matter of “do what we want, or we’ll kill you.”

It’s just too bad that the “outlaw hate speech” assholes are so eager to cooperate with those who would use that movement to achieve their own hateful ends.

I think I’m starting to understand what Lenin said: “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” Wrong group, right idea.

Or, in another Soviet-era bon mot, “useful idiots.”

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