Extended Family

Remember Eunice Lopez, 26 who was arrested for marrying somewhere between 9 and 17 times? She and some of her relatives are in the news again.

At a tally of 29, collecting extra spouses is a family affair.

That’s what prosecutors say of the Rodriguez clan — this week three members were charged with bigamy. A fourth was charged last year. One by one, the family has been marrying undocumented immigrants for cash, authorities say.

Eurice Rodriguez, 46, who entered three marriages without ever divorcing her first husband, was arrested this week and posted bond Tuesday.

Her daughter, Eunice Lopez, 26, was arrested last year on nine counts of the same, while her boyfriend was slapped with three counts one month later.Lopez.jpg

Eurice Rodriguez’s brother, Jesus Ruben Rodriguez, 38, illegally married five times, according to the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office.

But their sister, Loida Rodriguez, 42, racked up the most — she illegally tied the knot 12 times, according to prosecutors.

The family members, Cuban natives, are legal U.S. residents. Authorities believe they have been marrying undocumented migrants for money to help them earn legal U.S. residency.

Since they’re Cuban, the Lopezs or Rodruiguezs will not face the possibility of deportation. I suggest we lock them all up with the mother-in-laws of those men or women they married. Am I cruel?

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