MSNBC reporter to Obama: Stay out of that redneck country!

MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell explains how the most logical move for the Obamamessiah is to just give up on rural places like southern Virginia, because they’re all a bunch of hicks who won’t like him anyways, unlike high-tech northern Virginia. It’s that gosh-darned Republican racism in those backwoods wastelands striking again… at least as far as the elitists in New York, Washington, and California are concerned.

Here’s the video:

Way to go, Andrea. Way to go.

Of course, she was quickly forced to apologize. Here’s the video of her completely insincere apology, with a telling little nugget in there:

Money quote:

… used a term strategists often use to demean an entire community.

Gaffes are great things. It’s when people mistakenly admit the truth that they do the worst damage. And apparently, this is the kind of thing strategists say all the time to describe entire communities.

What’s really annoying is not so much what she said, but the fact that she said it so quickly and easily without even blinking an eye. This is something that she’s used to saying, something she didn’t think twice about. There was no thought process in her head that this was something bad to say.

Also, note the “I was trying to explain based on reporting from Democratic strategists… !” See, she was just trying to explain something to us little people who were just too stupid to understand what she meant. I mean, come on, she couldn’t help it. Strategists use the term all the time, it just slipped, and we were too dumb and ignoramus to understand it. Gosh!

Dontcha just love the elites and their worldview of rural middle America?

Hat Tip: Moonbattery

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