No hot water

Things are tough in the Ukraine right now.

Students in Ukraine have stripped off for a sexy protest against having their hot water switched off. Dozens of girls plunged into a fountain in Kiev’s Independence Square for a wet T-shirt demonstration with a difference.
Equipped with soap and sponges, many stripped down to their bikinis or underwear.

The event drew a large crowd of onlookers.

The annual cut to the hot water supply is a common practice in Ukraine and many other post-Soviet states.

It is often switched off for a month during summer to carry out maintenance work on the pipes.

The girls said they wanted to attract the authorities’ attention to the poor timing which has come in the middle of exams.

The picture of one protestor is under the fold. I assure you she looks nothing like those Russian beauty pagent contestants satirized on television in the 1980’s.

While touring Eastern Europe in 2000 I saw no such protests. What a shame too. On the road between Warsaw and Gdansk, women do stand by the roadside offering their services as most people speed on by at 60 MPH. The Polish priest driving the car would sometimes honk his horn at them. Traveling is so educational.

Hat tip- James Joyner at OTB who writes ‘This strikes me as highly counterproductive. Perhaps if they used ugly girls?’

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