7 die in Tokyo Stabbing spree

From AP

TOKYO – A man who police said “was tired of life” drove into a crowd of pedestrians Sunday and then went on a stabbing rampage in Tokyo’s premier electronics and video game district, killing seven people and wounding 10, authorities said.

The deadly lunchtime assault happened in Akihabara district after the attacker drove a rented two-ton truck into a crowd, running over three people, public broadcaster NHK quoted an unidentified witness as saying.

News reports said the man jumped out of the truck and began stabbing the people he’d knocked down, then turned on horrified onlookers. The attacker grunted and roared as he slashed and stabbed at his victims on a street crowded with Sunday shoppers, reports said.

“He was screaming as he was stabbing people at random,” another unidentified witness told NHK.

Police confirmed seven deaths — six men and one woman — but they could not say whether the victims died from injuries from the truck or were stabbed to death.

Police said they arrested Tomohiro Kato, 25, at the scene.

I have a brother-in-law working in another part of Japan at present. Stabbing sprees have taken place in Japan before. One that happened at a school in 2001 resulted in the deaths of 8 children. Today’s attack is far from the worst spree killing in Northeast Asia. South Korean police officer Woo Bum-kon killed 57 people in 1982.

Access to knives, guns, explosives, or just an automobile will give someone the opportunity to kill large amounts of people in a matter of moments. Now I will begin counting down the moments to the slew of posts that will take place all saying gun control is a fallacy.

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