Some People Just Shouldn't Breed

This morning, I was glad to read in the news that one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted — a convicted pedophile who was wanted on more child-molestation charges — had been arrested in Mexico and has been returned to New Hampshire to face justice. But then I read more about the background of on Savarino Schillaci, and the angrier I got.

Schillaci was convicted of molesting two boys in Texas, and served ten years in prison. While there, he started corresponding with a New Hampshire couple. They drew close, they were inspired by his poetry (they even published some of it in a University of New Hampshire newsletter), and when he was released, they took him into their home, got him into Tufts University, and helped him find work.

Work at a Manchester, New Hampshire music store, which also offers music lessons — often to children.

Everything seemed just fine and dandy — they were convinced that Shcillaci was reformed, had changed, was cured, whatever.

Right up until the couple’s five-year-old boy admitted that he and Schillaci “had a secret.”

That’s when Schillaci headed for Mexico, where he set up a web site and internet radio station extolling the virtues of man-boy love.

I find myself wondering what the hell this couple was thinking. Helping an ex-con try to get his life back together is one thing. But to help a convicted pedophile get a job where he would be around children? And to bring him into your home with your own five-year-old son? Dear god, this is so far beyond insane, I have to wonder if they were somehow hoping to win Schillaci’s favor by providing him with precisely what he lusted after most. It doesn’t just strain credibility, it stretches it to the breaking point.

I have one small consolation: Schillaci faces life in prison if convicted. And here in New Hampshire, that actually means something.

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