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It’s not all too often I have something in common with a person in the news.

FORT LAUDERDALE – Yazmany Arboleda is a New York artist with South Florida ties who has achieved a big goal at age 27: People are talking about his provocative work.

Arboleda’s 24-hour exhibit in a midtown Manhattan storefront, The Assassination of Hillary Clinton and The Assassination of Barack Obama, drew investigators from the U.S. Secret Service, media coverage and public outcry on newspaper Web sites.

“It is not a publicity stunt,” Arboleda said by phone Thursday afternoon from the West 40th Street space he says he rented for $5,000. “It’s about character assassination, images and words used against these candidates. There is no violence, weapons or blood.”

On Wednesday morning, a 911 call alerted the New York Police Department about a banner with the show’s title. The word “assassination” prompted officers to interview Arboleda.

Then they brought him to the Midtown South precinct for more questions from the city’s counter-terrorism unit and the U.S. Secret Service. The questioning, Arboleda said, lasted three hours.

“He was allowed to go forward and no criminality was determined,” said NYPD spokesman Officer Martin Brown. “No summonses were issued. He was not arrested. His First Amendment rights were upheld.”

I’ve never viewed performance art up front, but from what I have read about it, I’m not impressed.

What do I have in common with this ‘artist’?

Born in Boston, Arboleda is a 2000 graduate of Deerfield Beach High School

We’re both former DBHS Bucks. I checked DBHS with wikipedia, and our most famous graduates include two football players, two pornographic actresses, a gospel musician and one poker player.(No mention of a Correspondence Chess Master who doubles as a blogger) Wizbang readers will have to research actresses Teri Weigel and Charlotte Stokely on their own.

Try again Yazmany Arboleda. You still have time to be DBHS most famous graduate.

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