Democrats for McCain!

We’ve seen poll after poll telling us that Hillary’s supporters would vote for John McCain, and not Obama, if she doesn’t get the nomination. Well, that prediction is already starting to come true.

First, from Hot Air, is a new ad the RNC is running showing prominent Democrats making statements against Obama:

There’s more meat to that story here.

What’s much more fun to see happen is how the GOP Convention office is
getting calls from Hillary supporters asking how they can help with his campaign.

Matt Burns, the spokesman for the GOP convention in St. Paul e-mails to say that the RNC’s convention office in St. Paul has received numerous telephone calls in the last few hours from people who identify themselves as Clinton supporters asking how they can help Sen. McCain.

Will Hillary supporters really come out in full force for McCain and against Obama? It’s certainly a possibility… if Hillary concedes. I know Barack Obama is saying that he is now officially the nomineee, but the super delegates are free to change their minds, and if this Michelle Obama “whitey” tape pops up, it might be just the push some of them need to switch to Hillary.

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