Is John McCain going for Clinton's supporters?

As Kevin noted in the post below, the AP is essentially calling the Democratic primary race for Obama, which many would agree isn’t a surprise since the media as a generality, seem to be in the tank for Obama.

John McCain just finished a speech in which he said it appears Obama will be his opponent and then proceeded to hit Obama hard. At the start of the speech, however, McCain spoke very respectfully about Hillary and her campaign. His tone indicated that he, too, thought the Democratic race was over. He said that Hillary didn’t get the credit she deserved for the compassion she showed in her campaign. Interestingly, he also praised her for being a great inspiration for his daughters as well as for other young American women.

Bloggers at AmSpec Blog noticed this as well and are speculating that he’s definitely going for her supporters, if not for Clinton’s endorsement outright. The Politico confirms this.

John McCain portrayed her as a trailblazing model for aspring female politicians yesterday and now one of his top surrogates and vice-presidential prospects is taking the next natural step and promising that they’ll compete for Hillary Clinton’s supporters.

“I think many of those voters are going to consider and support Senator McCain,” said Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in an afternoon conference call designed to prebut Obama’s speech tonight in St. Paul.

It makes sense since so many of Clinton’s supporters are disenchanted with Obama and his lack of experience. Many have already told pollsters that they will support McCain should Obama be the nominee. However, when push comes to shove, Clinton’s supporters may very well hold their noses and support Obama in November simply because he has a “D” behind his name.

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