YouTube allows a video that shows a Marine being shot in Iraq. UPDATE: Video removed.

It’s interesting appalling how anything remotely critical of Islam is removed ASAP from YouTube, but an Iraqi sniper shooting a Marine in the head is OK.

Here’s the link — I won’t embed the video here out of principle. I’m only including the link to ask all of you to please go and flag the video. This is just sickening and appalling. There’s really not much more to say on the subject, except to again ask you to please flag this video ASAP. It isn’t OK to let videos of our troops being killed in action stand. This is nothing more than enemy propaganda, and YouTube probably won’t remove it if we don’t force them to.

Even more disgusting? It currently has a three star rating out of a possible five. Who would possibly give this a positive rating? Several commenters left positive remarks. Here’s a few:

1000 points

amazing shot

LOL! George Bush is a Texas oilman BinLaden family is a Saud Oilman 1+1=Oil profit.And when did a war become commercialized HALLIBURTON-reconstruction and troop support $18 billion,PARSONS-Eng.&construction $5.3 billion,DYNO CORP INTL.-Police training $1.9 billion,TRANSATLANTIC TRADER-Surveillance Aircraft $5 million,BLACKWATER-Private Security $21 million and counting.And our soldiers are dying but other ppl are profiting from it. well like what they say in work here DoD IRAQ FOR SALE!

it’s not rocket science, the solution is easy….get out of Iraq & your troops wont be killed any more…remember it is the west that is the invaders & occupiers there.

hey usa idiots…why not come to egypt, millions are waiting eagerly to cut your heads, millions can’t get to iraq so why not come to egypt to get you and this mobarak thing in one garbage bag to the hell.

5 stars! I love seeing stupid marines die. I fucked up a marine in tj; punch him square on the face, best feeling i ever had.

The Iraqis are real men: they resist the invasion with all the power they have and sacrifice their lives in the name of freedom, they’ve won my respect.


freedom fore Iraq-now.

This Video made my day 🙂
5 stars

And on and on. Imagine if that was your father, brother, husband. It’s just callous and cruel and disgusting. There are plenty of comments expressing disgust and outrage, but it’s sad that there are people who would say these kinds of things in response to this video.

So please, again, flag the video. E-mail YouTube. Let’s force them to take this piece of trash down.

Hat Tip: Kit Lange

UPDATE: The video has been removed for terms of use violation, thank God. Way to go YouTube for doing the right thing.

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