Anti-gun activist stabbed to death

Prominent British anti-gun activist Pat Regan was found dead in her home, having been stabbed to death, allegedly by her grandson. This is just such a tragedy… why, if only she’d had some way of defending herself!!

The grandson of prominent anti-gun campaigner Pat Regan has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing her to death.

Mrs Regan, 53, was discovered at the property on Marlborough Grange in the Hyde Park area of Leeds on Sunday.

The mother-of-six started campaigning against gun crime when her son Danny was shot dead in 2002.

Mrs Regan set up a Leeds branch of Mothers Against Guns after her son Danny, 25, was shot at his home in Haydock, near St Helens, Merseyside in December 2002. His killer has not been found.

She had met government officials to discuss how to tackle the problems of guns and gang-related crime.
I thought that crime would disappear if guns were outlawed, though! Well, I guess this just goes to show us that what we really need to do is outlaw ALL weapons. Here’s a list to start us off:

  • knives (obvious)
  • rope (you can strangle someone with it)
  • pillows (you can smother someone with a pillow)
  • candlesticks (you can bludgeon someone with it)
  • hammers (see candlesticks)
  • crowbars (see candlesticks)
  • baseball bats (see candlesticks)
  • flamethrowers (burn someone alive)
  • cars (you can run someone over with a car, AND as a bonus, it’d be more environmentally friendly!)
  • clothing (can be used for smothering, suffocating, or strangling)
  • forks (can be used to gouge someone’s eyes out)

    And really, this is just a partial list. Feel free to add your own suggestions to possible weapons. There are so many things that people can use to murder people, that the only really and truly way to have a perfect, safe utopia is to outlaw anything that a bad guy can use as a weapon. I mean, it only makes sense, because if the government outlaws it, then everyone will immediately stop using it. Banning weapons means that all crime will come to a halt!!

  • Now, does anyone think that this logic makes any sense whatsoever?


    Then explain to me how banning guns makes sense, as it’s exactly the same thing.

    I really don’t understand the logic behind “gun control”. Making guns illegal takes them out of the hands of law-abiding citizens… and leaves them in the hands of criminals, who won’t care about breaking the law. They’ll love it, having a world of defenseless victims at their mercy.

    Take me for example, or this woman — a grandmother. Being unarmed means that you are always a potential victim, especially being a woman. No matter how much I may fight or struggle, a man will ultimately win in a battle of brute force. Having a gun means that I can fight back, defend myself, and keep myself safe. If this woman had possessed a gun, she could’ve shot the person who killed her and still be alive today. Now, this does not mean that owning a gun means that you’ll never be robbed or raped or murdered, but it does give you a much better chance at survival than if you were simply unarmed. And don’t anyone say that mase or pepper spray can do the same thing. It can’t, and that’s the stupidest comparison anyone could possibly make.

    This woman’s death is an example of why law-abiding citizens need guns. Of course, I wouldn’t force anyone to own one, but I sure as hell won’t let them tell me I can’t have one, either. It’s not my problem if you can’t understand the benefits of being able to defend yourself if anyone ever attacks you, breaks into your house, or tries to hurt you somehow.

    This is why (and this especially goes out to all you liberals out there) guns are a good thing. Guns are our friends. If you’re a gun owner, you have a very good chance of keeping senseless tragedies like this from happening.

    Hat Tip: Moonbattery

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