The Obama Electoral Plan Revealed

When Senator Barack Obama stated that he had only visited “57” of the states in the United States, with 3 untouched by the Obamashoe as of yet, the comment was met with some derision, in the belief that the Senator had managed to miss the number of states in the nation. This week, however, it was discovered that the additional ten states are part of a plan to win the general election this fall. The new ten states are heavily Democrat in alignment and certain to support Senator Obama in any election. The new states recognized by the DNC are as follows:

The State of Financial Irresponsibility
The State of Personality Infatuation
The State of Media Imbalance
The State of Radical Inexperience
The State of Extreme Moral Relativism
The State of Obsolete Devotion to Socialism
The State of Politicized Religion
The State of Class Warfare
The State of Naïve Assumptions
The State of Non-Accountability

The Price Of Dumbness
Lying about Iraq