Lying about Iraq

Earlier I referred to Nancy Pelosi’s brilliant idea to explain away the success of the surge by giving credit to the goodwill of Iran. Unfortunately I had already written my Townhall column when I saw the Pelosi statement. Her comment would have been a perfect addition as the latest example of ways those on the left are misleading the American public about Iraq.

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s new book brings the question of who lied about Iraq to the front pages once again. Those on the left have claimed for years that the Bush administration lied about the threat from Iraq in the lead up to the war – often defining “lying” as omitting information that did not support the decision to invade from the case they made to the American people. If those on the left describe emphasizing the threat posed by Iraq before the war as a lie, then what do they call their current depiction of the situation in Iraq, as well as their characterization of how the war began?

…The “lie” is said to be that Bush and his administration emphasized only evidence that supported the decision to invade. But those on the left have consistently ignored or downplayed the seriousness of the threat most intelligence told us Iraq posed before the war. Even worse, they are now ignoring the progress, and in many cases downright successes, being seen in Iraq since the “surge.”Read the rest here.

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