I Was Against Obama Before I Ever Heard Of Him

I recently made an astonishing discovery: long before I even heard the name “Barack Obama,” I was against him. And it’s only recently that I’ve discovered this odd little truth.

When Obama ran for his Senate seat, he faced (at first) a Republican by the name of Jack Ryan. (No known connection to the Tom Clancy protagonist.) Mr. Ryan was doing pretty darned good in the polls until the Chicago media started prying into his personal life — to wit, his sealed divorce and custody records.

Mr. Ryan had been married to actress Jeri Ryan, of “Star Trek: Voyager” fame, where she played geek fantasy “Seven of Nine.” (Personally, I never found her character that attractive; I was more drawn to Deep Space Nine’s Nana Visitor and Terry Farrell.) And their divorce, as are so many, was not pleasant and involved many allegations of unpleasant personal behavior. When these accounts became public, Mr. Ryan withdrew from the race late in the campaign. That left the Republicans high and dry, and they ended up “importing” Alan Keyes to take his place — and Keyes lost decisively to the Democratic nominee, a state senator named Barack Obama.

I wrote about the Ryan mess without ever mentioning his opponent, or how another opponent of Obama’s had also had his divorce records unsealed at the behest of the press and also withdrew from the race, yielding Obama an easy victory. Hell, at the time I didn’t even know Ryan’s political affiliation, and didn’t care.

Then there’s the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. This group of swine have been running “voter registration drives” across the country for years now, and every now and then another of their “volunteers” gets busted for fraudulently registering people. It’s happened with such regularity that my credibility has been strained, and I would dearly love to see a RICO investigation into their activities — and I’ve said as much on several occasions.

Well, it turns out that Barack Obama has a long, long history of working with ACORN. Naturally, he wasn’t involved in the voter-fraud activities — he appears to have been more involved in the mob-rule bullying tactics that ACORN is also famous for.

I have to admit, this caught me off-guard. I’d never put it together, but it seems that Barack Obama has managed to alienate me before I ever heard of him.

That’s an impressive feat. And the next time you see or hear Senator Obama speak, keep in mind that behind the words is the guy who spent a good chunk of time working with the mob-inciting, vote-rigging thugs of ACORN and benefited politically — twice! — when the media covering his race suddenly grew fascinated with the sealed divorce records of his opponents. Especially keep that in mind when you see how the press fawns over him.

There’s another side of Barack Obama besides the hopey changeful message — and it’s not a very pretty one.

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