Wednesday Evening Reads

The people are the government, administering it by their agents; they are the government, the sovereign power. Andrew Jackson

  • Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare Convinced that the planet’s oil supply is dwindling and the world’s economies are heading for a crash, people around the country are moving onto homesteads, learning to live off their land, conserving fuel and, in some cases, stocking up on guns they expect to use to defend themselves and their supplies from desperate crowds of people who didn’t prepare. (Via Yahoo)
  • Oh Really? Mexico says “U.S. should focus on stemming gun flow in to Mexico” (Aurvant) Every country, now and again, is guilty of being caught on record saying some really stupid crap. It just so happens that this time Mexico was up to the plate.The chief of Mexico’s war on drug gangs said Washington should concentrate on halting the flow of arms to Mexican drug cartels rather than haggle over how much aid to give Mexico’s anti-smuggling operation. (Via Ace of Spades)
  • Sounds like a plan The Republican Study Committee (RSC), a caucus of more than 100 of the U.S. House of Representatives’ most conservative Republicans, and their Action Plan for GOP members of the House was announced two days ago. You probably haven’t heard about it before this posting, because the media is unilaterally ignoring it. Read all of it. And here’s the follow up piece. RSC Members (Via Conservative Superiority)
  • S’cuse me? Just a few questions on Carbon Tax (Canada) Sure, many would support carbon tax in principle – assuming that it would only affect large corporations and perhaps those driving SUVs. But try asking if someone is willing to pay ~50% more for gas, hydro and heating oil in return for a minor cut in income taxes – who is going to support that? Who would want much bigger fuel surcharges, levied by the airline and shipping companies to be passed onto his vacation bills, let alone – grocery bills? Finally – how many would support the carbon tax knowing that it will drive their employers out of country, thus costing them their job? (Via Stand your Ground)
  • But will they report it? Wednesday, the National Center for Public Policy Research, an admittedly conservative think tank, released a poll conducted by Wilson Research Strategies which found “65% of Americans reject spending even a penny more for gasoline in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” (Via News Busters)
  • Talk about spoiled, whiney babies! Catching up with ABC, which in the past couple of weeks has featured complaints from viewers about how higher gas prices mean they can’t afford breakfast and a woman who whined that she can “no longer take joy rides on my days off,” NBC Nightly News caught up Tuesday night with its own set of hapless Americans who claimed they are forced to grow their own food, two who went with burgers (!) over ribs over the holiday weekend and teen girls who make their boyfriends drive them on dates. I grilled chicken (on sale .99 lb with shoppers card), fried corn($2 for 10 ears), fried okra (from my neighbor’s garden last year), mashed potatoes (real not instant), and made coleslaw (yes, *MADE* my own coleslaw in a food processor. Took less than 10 minutes). How ’bout the rest of you? What did you have for your Memorial Day dinner? (Via News Busters)
  • Belgian woman promotes jihad from home MPJ:” I’m not as concerned with the NY Times coverage as JWF I’m more concerned with the fact that despite being once convicted of inciting jihad through her now defunct website, that she’s back at her home inciting jihad online once again. She makes no bones about the fact that she supports al Qaeda and encourages European Muslims to go to Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Somalia to fight in the global jihad. (Via My Pet Jawa)
  • Citizen’s Arrest! Citizen’s Arrest! Prozac Diaries: John Bolton to be placed under citizen’s arrest. The former US ambassador to the United Nations, faces a citizen’s arrest when he addresses an audience at the Hay Festival in Wales this evening. George Monbiot, the journalist and activist, is planning the action because he believes Mr Bolton is a “war criminal”. I can’t help it. I think’s it’s funny. I have this image of Barney Fife yelling “Citizens Arrest! Citizen’s Arrest!” I also find it amusing that the arresting ‘officer’s’ name is perilously close to MOONBAT. (Via The Pirates Cove)
  • Hell has officially frozen over Pirate’s Cove: “You won’t believe where I found this story. The Democrat Underground And a few of them agree with the conservative opinion that the Un is a worthless piece of garbage. (Via The Pirate’s Cove)
  • Futures Markets In searching for villains for rising food and oil prices, some commentators have turned to speculators, namely people trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and similar exchanges around the world. Walter Willaims. (Via Human Events)
  • Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin To Meet With McCain VP Search Team
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