Covering one's heads

Remember the Rachael Ray keffiyeh like scarf controversy? Two of my favorite conservative bloggers have finally chimed in on the subject.

James Joyner at Outside the Beltway writes

The terrorists have won. Or maybe we’ve just gone collectively insane. That’s if they were sane to start with.

More on this later.

Dr. Steven Taylor at Poliblog writes

There is a Monty Python bit (and it may have been an album-only1 one), in which a fellow is ranting on about communists everywhere. He can’t take a bath without six or seven communists jumping in with him and Koysgin was in the kitchen eating his wife’s jam. Brehznev may have been in their with him as well, I can’t recall and I cannot find a transcript of the thing online (curse you Google!). I do distinctly recall, however, that there were communists peeping out his wife’s blouse at him.

At any rate, I think of this bit practically every time I have an encounter with the paranoid rantings of Michelle Malkin. Examples include seeing capitulation to terrorists by the UN because they used Legos in a poster. Then she sees the Reconquista because the Texas Rangers wore “Los Rangers” jerseys on Cinco de Mayo a few years ago.2

Now she is seeing terrorist capitulation because Rachel Ray wore a black and white scarf in a Dukin’ Donuts ad. No, seriously. Malkin doesn’t see a black and white scarf, she sees “hate couture” and “jihadi chic.”



Which was supposedly a mirror image of this:



Really, the paranoia here is remarkable.

The paranoia is remarkable as is the stupidity. It reminds me of the Nancy Pelosi head scarf in Damascus controversy of a few years back.

Does Michelle believe crap like this she puts out, or is she just catering to a certain mindset? I started reading Michelle Malkin in late 2004. What started out as a serious and thoughtful blog comes off as mostly shrill today and I’m not the only one who thinks this. Steven Taylor writing about Michelle today ‘One thing is for sure: if one wishes to succeed in the blogging business, one sure way is to be sure to be as ideological and shrill as possible.’ When did Michelle change? I lost some respect for her when she basically told William F Buckley to shut up two years back. That shows to me a very fixed or narrow mind at work. Why the change? I’d only be guessing

Professor Stephen Bambridge has his own theory

Or maybe not. Malkin and Johnson seem to have internalized what I call the “Ann Coulter Business Model.” It’s a familiar concept, based on a couple of simple propositions. First, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Second, as the sage Charles Barley observed, the meek may inherit the earth, but they don’t get the ball. To stand out from a crowd, you’ve got to be provocative. You’ve got to make your friends–and, almost as important, if not more so, your enemies–keep tuning in to see what you’re going to say next.


In sum, there’s a method to the madness.

Doug at Below the Beltway wrote– ‘Michelle, sweetie, it’s a flippin’ scarf. Calm the heck down, `kay ?’ Unfortunately I don’t see any calming down from Michelle in the near future.

The Rachael Ray advertisement was back in the news today as Dunkin Donuts pulled the ‘offending ad’. If this was meant to sedate certain hysterical people, it didn’t. Debbie Schlussel speaks up

Recently, Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs broke the story of how Rachael Ray wore a keffiyeh–the jihadist’s fave accessory–in a Dunkin’ Donuts online ad. As a result of the uproar in the blogosphere, Dunkin’ Donuts apologized, saying it was a stylist’s mistake and that the ad would no longer run. Pam should be very proud of her excellent work.

I’ve written a lot about the keffiyeh and why it is offensive, violent garb, including a recent February column on First Daughter wanna-be Meghan McCain’s engagement in that “fashion” offense.

What fashion offense are we talking about? I’ll let Debbie supply the photos.


Which Debbie compared to this.


My mother had a blanket of a similar color. I guess that makes me the son of a terrorist sympathizer. Not one to go quietly into the night, Michelle Malkin had the above Meghan McCain photo in a post of hers titled the ‘keffiyeh kerfuffle’ She making note of a blogger’s receipt of hate mail from ‘see-no-evil monkeys’

Leave it to fellow animals Steven and James to again point out how silly all of this is. First Steven

Well, keeping that in mind, consider the horror that is:


And, my, but they get them young these days:


The only conclusion that I can draw is that the terrorists are everywhere, and western civilization as we know it is over. Maybe, if we’re lucky, the Mexican reconquista will come to pass to liberate us from our Jihadi masters.

We are all doomed.

Maybe some Jedi Master can save us.

James Joyner updated his earlier post with this fun photo.


Why is anyone worried about Rachael Ray? Look! The mother of the President is a fan of Arafat. James went on to add ‘(And while we’re on the subject, what’s with the extraneous “a” in Ray’s first name? Perhaps another homage to Arafat? Or . . . Al Qaeda?)’

This post has now ended. Some of you may now take off the paper bags.

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