Another side of John McCain

Cassy just wrote a post about an exchange Senators McCain and Obama had. I suggest you read the post if you hadn’t already.

Would Senator John McCain use verterans or our troops today for political purposes? My wife has a saying, ‘Same dog, different collar.’ Meaning that all politicians are the same. They will do anything to enhance their election chances.

There’s a milblogger named Chuck Ziegenfuss, he’s an Army Officer. Here’s a link to Chuck’s blog, before today I hadn’t visited the blog in a while.

Chuck was wounded in Iraq back in 2005, and spent some considerable amount of time at Walter Reed Hospital. While at Reed, Senator McCain paid Chuck and his wife Carren a visit. The following is written by Carren..

Okay, folks. Here’s the post Chuck said I owe you. Hopefully your waiting will be worth it and you’ll “appreciate” the wait. Here goes… I am not responsible for any cuss words or really pissy comments – I’ll try to keep it PG rated.

Senator is not a word I would use for McCain. JERK (or asshat, as Chuck usually says) is more like it. When Chuck was in the hospital, Jerk came to “visit” us. A quick story before I tell you what happened:

A few weeks before Chuck was wounded I watched a TV movie that protrayed Jerk’s time as a POW during Vietnam. I was intrigued by the story and developed a lot of respect for what he endured, and the fact that his wife waited all those years for him to return home. I knew bits and pieces of the story before watching the movie, and I knew his arms were badly damaged due to the torture he received. I had a lot of respect for the man… then I met him.

When he first walked in I was honored to meet him. He shook my hand and Alice’s hand, then walked over to Chuck’s bedside. After a lousy 5 minutes or so, the Jerk said (and I quote):

“Well, we all know what we’re here for… let’s do the photo op.”

EXCUSE ME!!!??? The PHOTO OP???!!!!

I was so beyond pissed I wanted to wrestle the Jerk to the ground and kick his ass – over and over and over again! I was so stunned by his comment that all I could do to save my dignity and not stoop to his incredibly LOW level, I walked out of the room. The Jerk’s photographers took some pictures and he left. I didn’t even say good-bye when he walked out… I was full of rage and anger. And as Chuck can tell you, NO ONE wants to talk to me when I am that state!!!

The fact that this Jerk is a veteran, a former POW, and now calls himself a Senator, I simply could not believe what happened. Every time I hear the man’s name I get tense. Of all the shitty things that happened while Chuck was in the hospital, this was the topper for me. If a man like the Jerk thinks he’d make a good president, he better do some serious soul searching. He claims to support our troops, but the experience we had with him shows me he’s full of shit. The fact that he said this kind of thing to my husband pisses me off to no end… but I wonder how many other wounded troops he said this to? Hopefully none… for the troops’ sake.

Well, that’s the story. I could go on and on about how much I despise the Jerk, but he’s not worth my time and energy.

When I blogged about this post, I said ‘If Carren feels that way about McCain, we can just imagine what Chuck’s opinion of the Senator is.’ As of April 20th of this year Chuck was still referring to McCain as an asshat.

If you believe what Carren wrote, McCain is willing to use veterans as a tool to get elected. You may think that’s good or bad. The post I excerpted is just one milblogger’s opinion based on him and his wife meeting Senator McCain. I’m just throwing it out so others can form an opinion from it.

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