The Funny farm where life is beautiful……..

That’s where Hillary Clinton may belong after the following remarks.

Clinton told a newspaper board in South Dakota she could not understand calls for her to quit, arguing that history showed that some past nominating contests had gone on into June.

“My husband (Bill Clinton) did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary, somewhere in the middle of June, right?” Clinton said in an interview with the Argus Leader newspaper editorial board.

“We all remember, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California, I don’t understand it,” Clinton said.

Here’s the video.

Hillary has since apologized and clarified her statement. What clarification was needed? It sounds to me she is hoping Barack Obama is assassinated.

Don Surber writes– “Medicate her.” Then how will she answer that phone at 3 a.m.?

Jules Crittenden writes– “It’s pretty creative, blaming the tasteless remarks about the dead Kennedy on another Kennedy’s brain tumor.” Hillary could have been crazier. She could have blamed it on my brain tumor.

Joe Gandelman writes– “The problem: when most Americans hear “Robert Kennedy…June” and 1968, they don’t think of it meaning a long nomination process, they think of it meaning a candidate who looked like he might got the nomination was murdered and another candidate (Hubert Humphrey) got the nomination..”

Dr. Taylor at Poliblog writes– One begins to wonder if she isn’t cracking up a bit before our eyes as her own internal mental gymnastics start to move from an internal dialog to an external one. Really, raising assassination is bad enough, but to suggest that Obama might be assassinated brings to fore the notion that some crazed white man might wish to kill the black candidate as well as the memory of the King assassination. Further, with Ted Kennedy facing an inoperable, malignant brain tumor, it isn’t as if bringing up Bobby’s murder was the politic thing to do.”

First Zimbabwe, now this. Is it November yet?

Hillary: I'm Staying in the Primary in Case Obama is Assassinated
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