Hillary: I'm Staying in the Primary in Case Obama is Assassinated

She didn’t say it directly but by implication when she used the example of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination in California in 1968 as her reasoning for staying in the race through the California primary in June.

The Clinton campaign is trying hard to control the snowball that’s rolling out of control and getting bigger, but it’s an effort in futility. This video is all over the internet. Just check out Memeorandum.

Rick Moran writing at Pajamas Media nails it with his analysis:

Hovering beneath the surface of this entire campaign has been the unspoken yet real threat that Senator Barack Obama is more likely to be the target of an assassin because of his race. The Secret Service started protecting Obama more than a year ago — earlier than at any time in the history of that detail — because of specific threats to the candidate.

The few times the issue has been raised in the media, there was criticism for even broaching the subject. Last February, the New York Times was roundly chastised for publishing a piece speculating that African American voters wouldn’t cast their ballots for Obama out of fear of him being assassinated. For months, one of the most popular search terms on the web has been “Obama” and “assassination.” Editor and Publisher wondered in an editorial if publicizing the fact that the topic was popular on the search engines didn’t increase the danger.

Suffice it to say, it’s been a touchy subject, and Hillary stepped right on it — as if slipping on a banana peel and doing a full backwards somersault landing right on her keister. And she’s got nowhere to hide.


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