Hillary Clinton has lost her mind

She compares last January’s Democratic primary in Florida to the recent Presidential election in Zimbabwe.

Desperate to get attention for her cause to seat Florida and Michigan delegates, Hillary Clinton compared the plight of Zimbabweans in their recent fraudulent election to the uncounted votes of Michigan and Florida voters saying it is wrong when “people go through the motions of an election only to have them discarded and disregarded.”

“We’re seeing that right now in Zimbabwe,” Clinton explained. “Tragically, an election was held, the president lost, they refused to abide by the will of the people,” Clinton told the crowd of senior citizens at a retirement community in south Florida.

“So we can never take for granted our precious right to vote. It is the single most important, privilege and right any of us have, because in that ballot box we are all equal. You’re equal to a billionaire. You’re equal to the president, every single one of us.”

Dr. Steven Taylor at Poliblog, one of the most reasonable people in the conservative blogosphere, sums up Hillary’s comments far better than I can.

This is not a healthy notion to be sewing in the minds of the citizenry. Clinton know full well the history of the situation in Florida and Michigan and supported the decisions at the time, and now she is trying to rewrite history to serve her own narrow political interests. That is irresponsible, shameful and is the kind of thing that indicates that she isn’t fit to be the president.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC was talking up Hillary as Obama’s choice for VP. Seeing the way Hillary has been conducting herself and her many instances of poor judgment, why would anyone want her a heartbeat from the Presidency? Unity or no unity, a person showing signs of being deranged has no business on the national ticket of any political party.

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