American Idol – Top 2 Week


The last competition on American Idol was held tonight between David Cook and David Archuleta, and in case you didn’t get the memo the judges were quick to remind you that you’re supposed to be voting for teen heartthrob, and singing robot David Archuleta. The merits of their performances aside, it looks like AI producers will get the champ they want.

As in previous seasons winning the show is not a guaranteed path to stardom, you’ve got to turn the opportunity winning provides into a real music career. David Archuleta stands a good chance of appearing on a “Idol Winners” bill with past winners like Taylor Hicks or Reuben Studdard at your county fair summer concert series in a few years; or he may end up taking over for whoever took over for Celine Dion in Las Vegas. It’s hard to look into the future and see him having any staying power after a mildly successful debut album.

Regardless of the crowned winner, David Cook is the breakout star of the season. With good management he’ll be the one racking up Grammy’s and selling out arenas in a few years.

Now its your chance make your case for the David of your choice, or to do any prognosticating about their futures.

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