What If They Held A Pedophilia Scandal And No One Cared?

Several times, I’ve lambasted the Catholic Church and its “pedophile priest” scandal. It was a huge black mark on the Church, and it persists to this day — far, far too many of those who enabled the child-molesting clergy to continue abusing children and protected them from justice still hold exalted positions within the Church. (Bernard Law, I’m talking about you — among others.)

But apparently there’s another sex scandal going on, involving the sexual misuse of children by adults in a position of authority and trust — and it’s getting nowhere near the attention I think it deserves.

If even half of what NewsBusters reports about sexual abuse in Los Angeles public schools is true, then there are quite a few “educators” who could stand a bit of the “rope – tree – some assembly required” recipe.

And why the hell aren’t more people talking about it?

To me, this smells of the very same “conspiracy of silence” that protected the Catholic Church for decades, until the Boston Globe blew the lid off the story. And the end result of that sort of thing tends to simply mean more and more children get victimized, while the guilty get to prey on more and postpone — or even evade — justice.

This. Must. Not. Stand.

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