Robert Byrd reacts to Kennedy's diagnosis

Lorie touched on this earlier, but here’s a heartbreaking video of Robert Byrd speaking on the Senate floor about Kennedy’s diagnosis; he’s moved to tears. I don’t wish this on anyone, and while I disagree with many of Kennedy’s politics, I hold nothing against the man personally. Also worth mentioning is how incredibly difficult this must be for his family and friends; Byrd’s emotional speech shows that. Everyone, let’s please treat this subject with grace and dignity. Keep Senator Kennedy and his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

I’ve disemvoweled two comments. I considered disemvoweling two more, but decided to let them stand. These weren’t comments usually worthy of disemvowelment, but this is a different situation. I’m not going to tolerate anyone being rude or insensitive; this isn’t the time or the place. This isn’t the HuffPo or the DailyKos, people. Please feel free to comment, but leave your baggage at the door. The man is suffering from brain cancer. Try to show some compassion. And if you can’t do that, then keep your thoughts to yourself.

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