Damn, I Missed Out On Another Exciting Opportunity…

I’ve managed to stay aloof from the whole mortgage/housing mess, but now I see that I actually lost out on a chance to have some serious fun. It turns out that when I was being fiscally responsible — or, at least, as fiscally responsible as I can be, which ain’t saying much — and renting instead of buying a home, I could have probably scored a mortgage on a nice house and lived the life of Reilly for at least a brief time. (As the old joke goes, “until Reilly reported his credit card stolen.”)

After all, if a single mother who lives in public housing, has no job, no car, and barely speaks English can score a million dollars in mortgages, how the hell could I get turned down?

Seriously, if someone doesn’t go over every single document that went into this woman’s adventures in real estate and file some kind of fraud charges against at least several of them, there is something seriously wrong with our legal and financial systems.

Well, even more wrong than we already know.

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