What we leave behind II

Apparently Brian D Bass never watched Columbo or The New Detectives. From AP

JONESBORO, Ark. – Police say DNA found on a half-eaten candy bar helped them zero in on a robbery suspect.

Detective Jason Simpkins says Brian D. Bass’ DNA matched the sample found on the bar left on the counter at Cato Animal Hospital during a January robbery. Bass was being held in jail Friday on $50,000 bond.

Bass was on probation after he served time on a firearms possession charge. Simpkins said the state had his DNA on file.

Police say Bass is facing felony commercial burglary and theft charges.

There was a 1990’s episode of Columbo where a future attorney general named Oscar Finch murdered an organized crime figure who threatened to spill the beans on something the attorney did in the past. Patrick ‘The Prisoner’ McGoohan(As the actor has aged through the years he has grown to resemble my maternal grandfather) was tripped up by a half eaten snack at the crime scene. By taking a bite out of some cheese, Finch left his bite mark behind.

From what I gather a criminal has to leave a sample of his DNA at many if not most crime scenes. Does this account for why the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world?

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