The Liberal Left?

Jim Hoft has the latest example of liberal tolerance on campus. Liberals are supposedly open minded and tolerant of differing points of view. The reality though, is that those least tolerant of differing opinions in the public arena today are those on the left. They are open to different points of view as long as they aren’t conservative. They are open to different cultures unless that culture comes from the American South. They are open to the free expression of religion unless it is evangelical Christianity. They are open to people exercising their freedoms unless those people want to smoke. Or drive SUVs. Or make a profit. Or [you fill in the blank]. Those on the left have used the word “nazi” and “fascist” to describe conservatives for the past few decades, but they are the ones who have more closely embraced the mentality. Especially on the college campus. No wonder so many of those on the left don’t like being called liberals. They really aren’t very liberal at all.

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