Woman who drove teenage girl to suicide indicted

Lori Drew is a sick, sick woman.  I mean, there is something seriously wrong with her.  At 49 years old, she took on the persona of a 16 year old boy she named Josh Evans. She created a My Space page in his name for the purpose of tormenting Megan Meier, a 13 year old girl who had a falling out with her own daughter. Lori got Megan to fall for the nonexistent "Josh" and then cut off the relationship with Megan after she had become emotionally attached to him. After the breakup, "Josh" told Megan the world would be better off without her.  Shortly thereafter, Megan hanged herself in her closet. Here’s the story from Reuters:

A 49-year-old Missouri
woman accused of pretending to be a love-struck teenage boy on
MySpace and driving a 13-year-old girl to suicide with cruel
messages was indicted on Thursday on federal charges.

Prosecutors say Lori Drew and others created the fake
MySpace persona of a 16-year-old boy to woo neighbor Megan
Meier for several weeks, then abruptly ended the relationship
and said the world would be better off without her.

Meier’s 2006 suicide by hanging, just hours after she read
those final messages, made worldwide headlines and prompted
calls for social networking sites like MySpace to crack down on

"This adult woman allegedly used the Internet to target a
young teenage girl, with horrendous ramifications," U.S.
Attorney Thomas O’Brien said in announcing the indictment in
Los Angeles, where MySpace is based.

"Any adult who uses the Internet or a social gathering Web
site to bully or harass another person, particularly a young
teenage girl, needs to realize that their actions can have
serious consequences," O’Brien said.

As far as I’m concerned Lori Drew should not be able live a peaceful or anonymous life ever again. She should be reminded of what she did every single day for the rest of her life: she tormented an innocent teenage girl so badly that she drove her to suicide just because of a spat she had with her daughter.  I sincerely hope she gets the maximum time in prison for this, not just because it’s an adequate punishment for her actions, but because this woman is obviously so disturbed that she’s a menace and needs to be separated from society.  What kind of an adult (and a parent for God’s sake!) actually says to her kid when she has a falling out with her friend, "Hey, I have an idea…" and then proceeds to torment this innocent young girl? 

So who is this Lori Drew? Here’s a picture:


And how did Lori react when she found out Megan killed herself because of what she did? Again from Reuters:

The indictment charges that after Meier killed herself,
Drew had the phony MySpace account deleted and warned a girl
who knew about it that she should "keep her mouth shut."

You stay classy, Lori Drew.  I’d say the world would be better off without the likes of her.

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