An empty can is noisy

That’s a favorite saying of my wife. It applies to people who have very little to say. Listen to Kevin James a radio show host get taken on by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

I stopped counting at eleven how many times Matthews asked James what did Neville Chamberlain do. James never did answer the question, just kept on repeating the talking points.

Dr. Taylor writes– While I am hardly surprised that a talk show host has anemic grasp on history, it is rather remarkable that he would be willing to go on national television (well, cable) and not at least consult Wikipedia or something.

Kudos to Chris Matthew for calling him on his BS, and I wish more hosts would do the same to their guests (maybe if guests thought they might actually have to know what they are talking about, they would actually be prepared).

John Amato at Crooks and Liars writes– “I guess just repeating RW talking points doesn’t work sometimes.” It certainly doesn’t.

James works at KRLA that proclaims itself “Intelligent Conservative Talk Radio’. Conservative yes, intelligent I don’t know. I don’t think much of Dennis Prager(whose shows are also broadcast by KRLA) either. He lost me after his getting all apoplectic over Cong. Keith Ellison getting sworn in a Koran.(I loved one blogger’s retort at the time. “If I become a congressman, I’ll be sworn in on a copy of Playboy magazine.”)

Don’t think I just love to pick on Republicans. I have Knuckleheaded Florida Cong. Robert Wexler three times.(Where as I’ve only given Mark Steyn one, and Wizbang readers know I often kvetch about that columnist) Wexler would probaby have gotten more, if I didn’t automaticlly tune him out. Hard right and hard left both turn me off. Both tend to be noisy but say little worth listening to.

One last note- Matthews is an empty can himself far too often. As Mark Finkelstein points out and I have written at TFM. Maybe James and Matthews should marry each other. It’s will soon be legal for two men to marry in California. James and Matthews would make a good match.(Cue the sarcastic laughter)

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