McCain's Wish List

John McCain gave a speech on Thursday, in Columbus, Ohio, in which he outlined what he’d like to accomplish in the event neocons are able to rig the voting mach . . . in the event he wins the presidency.

It’s a fascinating list. There are 17 goals. Here’s a link to a transcript. FWIW, here are my thoughts about those 17 items:

Nos. 1 & 2 (winning the war on terror) – If McCain were to accomplish that objective he’d deserve a place on Mt. Rushmore.

No. 3 (defeating the Iranian nuke threat) – It won’t happen for certain unless we wage war against Iran and win.

No. 4 (reforming the military) – Not a chance, given the reality of a Pelosi-Reid insano-Congress.

No. 5 (saving Darfur) – Dream on, Chomsky.

No. 6 (pro-growth tax policies) – Great idea, but good luck getting that past the psycho-Congress. Don’t hold your breath.

No. 7 (more pro-growth tax policies) – In light of the Moonbat Congress the chances are between zero and no f’n chance in hell.

No. 8 (spending restraint) – If he can do that I’ll stand up and applaud. The chief barrier, of course, will be the C.C.C.P-ongress.

No. 9 (freer trade) – Excellent idea. Somewhat doable in real life too.

No. 10 (job training and education) – Mmmm, nah, most of that is nonsense.

No. 11 (publick edukayscien) – Glug, glug, glug, glug.

No. 12 (better healthcare) – Yeah, right, and money and candy also will be falling from the clear blue skies.

No. 13 (reforming Medicare and Social Security) – Dream, dream, dream, all you have to do is dream.

No. 14 (pro-growth energy policies) – Not bad. Pretty good. Somewhat doable. The cap-and-trade thing is disappointing, but it’s far better of an alternative than hard emissions caps. The chief impediment to the good items listed there, of course, will be the Castro-Congress.

No. 15 (conservatives dominating the federal judiciary) – Amen. That will come to fruition, too, if McCain gets elected.

No. 16 (border control and immigration reform) – Those are noble goals and good ideas. Doable too.

No. 17 (a panoply of nationwide volunteerism) – Pure fluff. Wake me up when the violins stop playing.

All in all a pretty good wish list. McCain’s priorities on the war, on national security, concerning the federal judiciary, regarding border control and immigration reform, and with regards to discretionary spending, all are spot-on correct. Realistic too, or at least not completely unrealistic. McCain is naive beyond Democrat, however, if he actually believes the Congress will go along with the bulk of his agenda.

Memo to McCain:

1. Win the war.
2. Eviscerate al-Qaeda.
3. Stack the federal courts with Roberts/Alito-style jurists.
4. Stack the DOJ and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices with brass-knuckled prosecutors.
5. Fix our immigration system.
6. Veto every Moonbat bill that comes across your desk.
7. Hand the baton over in January 2013 to your pragmatic and young conservative Veep.

Seven is a lucky number.

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