A Match Made In Heaven

Well, John Edwards has finally expressed his second choice for president this time around (after himself, of course), and it’s Barack Obama. This has led to speculation that Edwards might end up Obama’s running mate, and I couldn’t be happier if they do team up.

It will be the ultimate match-up of empty suits.

  • John Edwards served one full term as a Senator, then announced that he would not run again once it became obvious he wouldn’t be re-elected. Obama’s not even two-thirds through his first term.
  • Both men are millionaire lawyers. Edwards made his money suing doctors and hospitals; Obama through his books and speaking engagements.
  • Both men have very outspoken wives whose loony left credentials outweigh their husbands’.
  • Both are veterans of winning through lawyeristic chicanery: Edwards in courtrooms, Obama in his prior elections.
  • Both are multi-millionaires who boast of their plans to soak the rich and punish the successful.
  • Neither man has, as best I know, held a job in the private sector and done anything productive in their life.
  • Neither has any sort of management/leadership position in their career.

The one thing that might prove decisive in keeping Edwards off the ticket is that the man has the stink of loser about him. As I said above, he was well on his way to losing re-election to the Senate when John Kerry tossed him a lifeline. Then, as Kerry’s veep candidate, he lost that election — including his own home state, which still found a way to reject him after he withdrew from his re-election campaign before they could vote against him there.

About the only thing having Edwards on the ticket would achieve would be to give us the best-looking presidential ticket since… well, ever.

Sadly, in this day and age, that just might be enough to win. Lord knows they can’t win on their accomplishments…

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