The DNC's Worst Nightmare – Obama Limping To The Finishing Line


Assuming Hillary Clinton wins Kentucky (which appears to be a lock) she will have won 7 of the 10 primaries held since Feb. 20. Going into the final four primaries (after Kentucky) she has the chance to bump that number to 11 out of the last 14 primaries. Even if she were to split the final four contests that would be 9 of the last 14 primaries.

Clinton since Feb. 20th.

Ohio primary
Rhode Island primary
Texas primary
Pennsylvania primary
Indiana primary
West Virginia primary

Obama since Feb. 20th.

Texas caucuses
Vermont primary
Wyoming caucuses
Mississippi primary
Guam caucuses (by one vote)
North Carolina primary


Kentucky primary
Oregon primary
Puerto Rico primary
Montana primary
South Dakota primary

If you put all (or even most) of those remaining primaries in the Clinton column Obama doesn’t look like a man marching his way to a nomination, but rather a candidate on cruise control trying to play out the clock. Clinton’s best hope is to show that the Obama “four corners” offense doesn’t look much like the heyday of Obamania. Sports is littered with examples of teams who let off the gas too early then couldn’t reignite their powerhouse offenses when their opponent made a furious comeback. It’s a long-shot, but it just might be the only realistic path to the nomination left for Clinton.

Of course she’ll have to change the media and her parties script of Obama inevitability, but if she keeps winning they might just do that for her. Super delegates are, for the most part, politicians or political types who are by nature inclined to head in the direction of the prevailing winds. Change the weather and you just might change the totals…

Many of those super delegates were for Hillary before they were against her. Her challenge will be to flip the flip-flopper’s one more time based on Obama’s record since the Potomac Primaries.

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