The Chronicles of West Virginia

Click the below link if you’re interested in the demographic breakdown of the media/Democrat primary contest in West Virginia. There’s lots of interesting info there, which for obvious reasons won’t be reported by the media.

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West Virginia Democrat Primary

— Among those who earn $100,000 per year or more, Obama received 39%. Among those who earn less than $100,000 per annum, however, Obama was squashed 65-28.

— Voters were asked whether they consider themselves liberals, moderates or conservatives:

Liberals: Clinton, 64-33.
Moderates: Clinton, 67-27.
Conservatives: Clinton, 58-27.

— Voters were asked how often they attend religious services:

“Weekly” attendance in church: Clinton, 62-28.
“Occasional” attendance: Clinton, 66-28.
“Never” attend church: Clinton, 64-34.

— Voters were asked whether they would be satisified with either, both, or only one of the candidates:

Forty-four percent said they’d only be satisfied if Clinton is the nominee.

One in 10 said they’d not be satisfied if either Clinton or Obama get the nomination.

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