Is Hillary Preparing to Drop Out?

That’s what the New York Post is reporting today. They say she’s “hinting” at dropping out. Can it be that Hillary is actually going to admit defeat and move on? (pardon the pun) I’ll believe it when I see it:

Hillary Rodham Clinton hinted she might wrap up her campaign as early as next week.

“Thank you for caring so much about our country,” Clinton said in a video sent yesterday to supporters. “And now it’s on to West Virginia and Kentucky and Oregon, and we’ll stay in touch.”

Not mentioned in her apparent video swan song are the final three primaries, in Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota, to be held after next week – leading to speculation that she might pull the plug on her campaign after what are expected to be strong wins in West Virginia and Kentucky.

But a new poll says 64 percent of Democrats nationwide, want her to stay in the race.

Even 42 percent of Obama’s supporters in the ABC News/ Washington Post poll, said they don’t want Clinton to throw in the towel.

If she’s got this much party grass roots support to stay in the primary even though she can’t win, this combined with a massive win in West Virginia could offer her a new way to spin her defeat. She’s done her best to drag Obama under the bus with her, but if she drops out when a majority of Dems thinks she should stay in, then she could play the martyr card: “Look at Hillary, she’s doing what’s best for the party. Isn’t she wonderful?” Could she do this successfully in spite of the fact that she played so dirty, so brass knuckles, that she almost undermined her party single handedly?

Answer: don’t underestimate the Clintons.

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