Democrats are just SO above race.

They are so noble, so much better than Republicans, that they don’t need to stoop to dirty tricks like race-baiting or smears.


Um… I guess not. Michelle Malkin has an ad the DCCC ran smearing a Republican, Greg Davis, in the Mississippi congressional race, linking him to the founder of the KKK. Check out the ad:


Only problem? The, uh, DCCC got their facts wrong.

[T]he DCCC says “Greg Davis wanted to honor the founder of the KKK with a statue in Southaven” and also said the statue was of “the first Grand Wizard.” But in reality, the statue was of Jefferson Davis who was not the founder and never in the KKK. In fact, another place that has a statue of Jefferson Davis is the United States Capitol Building. Jefferson Davis is one of the two statues representing Mississippi, along with James Z. George. Furthermore, Senator Thad Cochran uses the desk of Jefferson Davis in the Capitol, one of two “heritage desks” (the other goes to Massachusetts Senior Senator and belonged to Daniel Webster).

ROM further notes that the “founder of the KKK statue” (Nathan Bedford Forrest) was wanted by the Mayor of Horn Lake.

So the DCCC has attacked the wrong mayor for the wrong statue.
Who cares though? There’s a margin of error for this congressional seat to eliminate. Besides, liberals can stoop as low as they want.

I always love when Democrats pull out the KKK card, anyways… considering Robert Byrd’s illustrious history with the Klan and all. How do they really have any room to talk? They don’t seem to mind his direct involvement with the Klan, but they’d lie about Greg Davis, linking him to the KKK, just to win an election?

And they claim that they’re the ones fighting for minorities. Go figure.

In presidential election news, Hillary is expected to win has won West Virginia. Moonbattery points out how democrats, of course, are throwing a hissy fit. Because if you don’t vote for the Obamamessiah, you’re a racist, and don’t you forget it.

The whole piece whines about how white voters are racist for leaning towards Clinton, and how the Obamamessiah is the bigger man for not getting involved in such petty identity politics. Like, um, the kind that this writer is engaging in.

So, tonight the polls will close and Mrs. Clinton will have easily collected 99 percent of the white vote in West Virginia. She will crow about her electability in a smug but meaningless victory speech on a stage featuring dozens of “hard-working Americans, white Americans” standing behind her waving flags.

Bill and Chelsea will grimace through it all, knowing that the jig is up and that the dream of the next phase of the Clinton dynasty has come to an ignoble end.

While no Confederate battle flags will be visible, they will feel it in the air. Mrs. Clinton’s greatest victory will be a triumph of the kind of identity politics that makes a nation smaller.

Still, she will resist the urge to dip Skoal and spit juice into a coffee can on live television.

There will be plenty of time for that kind of nonsense when she campaigns in Kentucky. There, everyone expects her to continue her total dominance of the rural white working-class vote while perfecting the accent she used to sport back in Little Rock.
Funny how this guy can whine about the Clintons’ identity politics in an article like this, that is so completely focused on race and nothing else. And of course, the fact that the majority of black voters support Obama isn’t racist, because voting for him means you’re above race. Or something hypocritical like that.

And anyways, why does someone’s race matter? It’s the color of their skin. It doesn’t affect their brain or how they think. It doesn’t affect their policies or politics. And those are the things that concern me when it comes to who will be running this country.

So the whiny race-baiters out there can rest assured that most Americans who don’t vote for Obama aren’t voting for him because they’re racist… they aren’t voting for him because they can’t stand his politics.

I guess the Dems just can’t grasp the concept of white Americans who aren’t racist.

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