Back To Normal At The Boston Globe

OK, things are back to normal. I was a bit worried when the Boston Globe came out AGAINST a new tax, but today all is normal again and they are opposing a tax break.

This time, the city of Boston is considering a tax break for a big financial firm that is looking into getting out of the city — and taking over 500 high-paying jobs with it. Instead, if they get the deal, JP Morgan Chase plans to add almost 400 new jobs.

The Globe is deeply troubled by this. They fear that unless the city sets a solid policy regarding who might get tax breaks, there might be a stampede by companies threatening to leave the city unless they are given deals. Indeed, the Globe even warns about a “tax-break arms race.”

As if that is such a bad thing.

The Globe apparently can’t conceive that the taxes that they are so concerned about might be too high already. That’s not even on their radar. Instead, they give the impression that taxes are pretty much right at the moment — but that could change at the drop of a hat, when they need to be jacked up yet again.

And it is the obligation of the businesses to put their own best interests second to the desires of the city and state authorities who routinely decree that it’s time for more “fairness” and “sacrifice” and “investment” — all of which translates into “give us more money.”

Unless, of course, you’re a college that is sitting on several billion dollars, and always buying up more property and taking it off the tax rolls. Then you’re entitled to keep every single penny — because if it isn’t old school ties, or the sense of familiality between the elitists at the Globe and the elitists at the big schools, it’s that you never know when some Globie might need a little extra pocket change and teach a seminar or two at one of the aforementioned schools.

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