UW-SC students show tolerance for opposing views on abortion.

See for yourself just how “tolerant” they are when pro-life group Pointers for Life put up a display of 4,000 crosses symbolizing murdered fetuses on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Here’s the story:

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point butted heads Thursday after an anti-abortion organization planted 4,000 white crosses on campus to symbolize aborted fetuses and a student responded by pulling hundreds of them out of the ground.

The display, sponsored by Pointers for Life and planted on Isadore Street outside the Health Enhancement Center, is called “Cemetery of the Innocents” and features crosses and anti-abortion and religious signs, one of which reads “Seek Jesus.”

The group has come to expect minor vandalism each time it displays the exhibit, but students were shocked when Roderick King pulled up many of the crosses in protest.

“It’s just so disrespectful, and it’s disappointing that this comes from UWSP students. I’ve always thought of this campus as a tolerant place. … Someone made these (crosses) with their own hands,” said Pointers for Life member Tracey Oudenhoven.

King eventually left the site of the display after speaking with Protective Services officials, but he later returned to protest. King said his anger was not just politically charged, but also related to the anonymity of the exhibit.

“If you’re not ashamed of this, then you should claim it and sign it,” King said. “My student dollars are going to support this, this travesty.”

Pointers for Life reserved the space but didn’t indicate its sponsorship of the exhibit. At King’s request, students eventually posted a sign reading, “Sponsored by Pointers for Life.”

Students put up the exhibit early Wednesday. By Thursday morning, some signs had been slashed and a few crosses had been broken. King said he didn’t participate in those acts.
Why bother letting someone with a different opinion than you speak out or protest?

Let’s just imagine it was the other way around, and a pro-abortion group had put up a display showing their support. Some members of a pro-life student group came along and started tearing it down because they didn’t agree with it. What do you think the reaction would be?

Let me guess: it would be OPPRESSION! Right Wing intimidation tactics! Christian extremists trying to silence opposing voices!

One student gets it:

Passing students paused to watch King debate the moral implications of abortion with Pointers for Life members, and even some who supported abortion rights said they supported the group’s right to protest.

“You don’t have to agree with this. I don’t agree with this, but they have just as much right to be here as the Pro-Choice Alliance,” said student Colleen Kiefer.
Only some who supported “abortion rights” thought it was OK for the pro-life group to protest? Wow, how very tolerant of them. It must be the liberal streak in them.

Michelle Malkin shows us past vandalism from pro-abortion groups on college campuses.

Who cares about free speech when an angry lefty college student disagrees with you? Free speech only counts when it fits into the liberal — and in this case, pro-abortion — agenda. Too bad these students never got the message.

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