The Stock Markets' Obama Factor

In January and February the stock markets were dropping faster than Ted Kennedy dropping off a bridge. As everyone certainly remembers, that was a time during which Obama was scoring caucus and primary victories more often than Eliot Spizer once scored with call girls.

Then Clinton won big-time in Ohio and she won the popular vote in Texas too. The stock markets started jumping up like they were on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Clinton obliterated Obama in Pennsylvania. The markets rose on heavy volume. The Dow, for example, ultimately crossed the 13,000 barrier, sharply above its intra-year low of 11,750 that was set in early-March.

Not surprisingly, however, the day after Obama won big in North Carolina and Clinton only prevailed narrowly in Indiana the stock markets were as depressed and angry as Lou Dobbs; the markets plunged across-the-board.

You see the pattern, don’t you?

Now, to be fair, of course, the markets also have been dealing with fear of additional bank writeoffs, high oil prices and the media’s “R” meme. It would be naive beyond Democrat, however, not to realize that a key component of recent stock market volatility is abject fear of an Obama presidency.

That’s true, Ann Coulter, elections matter.

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