North Carolina and Indiana — By the Numbers

North Carolina Democrat Primary

Whites: Clinton, 60-36.
Blacks: Obama, 91-6.

Six percent of the black vote went to Clinton, eh?

Six percent.


Can you imagine the shrill cries of racism from leftists in the media and on university campuses if the white demographic in any given state voted 91-6 against a black candidate???

Indiana Democrat Primary

Those under 25 years old: Obama, 63-37.
Those age 50 and over: Clinton, 60-40.

That comports with prior results in the more conservative Mid-Western primary states.

* * *
Indiana went pretty much as anybody could and should have predicted. I’m stunned, however, by Obama’s victory margin in N.C. Not that I’m naive, mind you. Certainly I knew blacks would vote overwhelmingly for Obama. But a 91-6 margin is, quite frankly, preposterous.

Incidentally, can you fathom what will happen to overall black turnout in November and thus to Clinton and to the media/Democrats if Obama doesn’t get the nomination??? Then again, since Obama can’t connect with white voters — especially mature whites — Clinton versus Obama with regard to the general election is analogous to six versus half-a-dozen, isn’t it?

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