I Have No Words…

…because Kevin has ruled that we can not use profanity in titles.

All I can say is that if even a small percentage of this story is true, I am ready to toss aside my lifelong respect for the law and doing things by the book and using the system and playing by the rules, and say this is precisely the sort of event that show the occasional usefulness of vigilante justice and lynch mobs.

If even a few of the allegations here are listed, the evil pigfuckers who apparently conspired to steal a baby under color of law don’t need to be disciplined. They don’t need to be fired. They don’t need to be sued. They need to be charged with kidnapping, tried, and — if possible — executed. The people who do these sorts of things — especially those who do so while saying they are doing it for the noblest of intentions — must be stopped, and in such a spectacular fashion that the example rings throughout the nation as a warning to all others who might be tempted to use the law for their own purposes.

I defy anyone — ANYONE — to come up with a set of circumstances that justify even a fraction of these events.


(Hat tip to DCE, who heard about it from Emperor Misha.)

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