Here comes… Abortionman!


This is just disgusting. Seriously… there is no humor in abortion. None whatsoever. For or against abortion, no one should sit there and pretend that getting an abortion is no big deal or something to laugh about. It’s not like getting a Pap smear or something similarly innocuous. Abortion is a horrible thing to happen to someone, and it shouldn’t be celebrated.

What’s especially awful is that the woman in the video is — gasp!! — happy about having her baby. The boyfriend is the one who forces the abortion onto her.

Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar? How many women find themselves in that exact situation — unexpectedly pregnant and actually happy about it, but her shithead boyfriend pressures and guilts her into having an abortion for his own selfish reasons? Abortion in and of itself is a selfish act anyways, but I think you often find that the woman pressured into having the abortion is a victim, as well.

Mary Katharine Ham discussed this video on the O’Reilly Factor, and thinks it may be a parody. Whatever the intent behind the video was, it wasn’t funny. It was crude, it was disgusting, and inappropriate doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Hat Tip: Hot Air

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