An Interesting Tuesday Indeed — Is Hillary Pulling Ahead in NC?

All along we have been hearing that the Obama-Clinton race in North Carolina is not going to be close — that Barack Obama holds a comfortable lead here. That is what the polls have been showing. Then things started to tighten, as would be expected. Now one poll is even showing Clinton in the lead. All other polls I’ve seen, though, are still showing Obama ahead — some more comfortably than others.

What an amazing election season this has turned out to be. We may all get to see a brokered convention — with 24 hour cable news and blog coverage, no less. For the first time in my adult life, North Carolina matters in a presidential primary. We’ve gotten visits from the candidates and their spouses and their kids, we got an incredible amount of media attention last week over the NC GOP ad featuring Jeremiah Wright, and now it looks like we might even get to see a pretty decent contest here to boot. Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina next Tuesday.

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