True Grit vs. Not Worth S**t

Courtesy of USA Today’s “Snapshots:”

A Marine from Lawton, Oklahoma, has become the first person with an above-the-knee amputation to return to combat in Iraq. Master Sgt. William Gibson received a carbon-fiber leg after being shot by a sniper in May 2006. Gibson persuaded the military to send him back as a fire chief in Fallujah.

Now, that guy has got brass cojones.

The ghastly irony, of course, is that the most dangerous and bitter adversaries of Marines like Sgt. Gibson, along with all our other men and women in uniform, are not the al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq. They’re the Democrat Party and the latter’s wealthy and anti-American donors and enablers.

What’s your opinion about that, Barack Obama-Ayers?

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